Pengujian terhadap Technology-To- Performance Chain: Pendekatan Structural Equation Modeling

Universitas Pendidikan Nasional Denpasar
KAP Ngurah Arya & Rekan Denpasar


The purpose of this study is examining the technology to performance chain model a structural equation modeling approach. This examination doing because Goodhue and Thompson (1995) did not fully test the linkages proposed in their technology to performance chain model. Staples and Seddon (2004) was testing the linkages which not tested by Goodhue and Thomspon (1995). However, they results shows inconsistence with theories. Data use in this study was collected from individual information technology user perception in accounting staff hotel in Badung. Data collected by 500 questionnaires through contact person and mail survey. Of that, 163 questionnaires can be used (response rate 32,6%). Data analysis was using multivariate structural equation modeling by AMOS 4.01 and SPSS 10.0 package software. The results shows that task technology fit are positively significant influence to expected consequences of use, affect and performance. Expected consequences, social norms and facilitating conditions are positively influence information technology utilization, but not significant. Affect are negative influence to utilization and utilization of information technology positively and significantly influence individual performance.

Keywords: Task technology fit, expected consequences of use, affect toward use, social norms, facilitating conditions, utilization and performance

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